Become an ICDL Center


1. Submit a formal letter
Centers seeking accreditation are required to submit a formal letter on corporate letterhead explaining the purpose of seeking accreditation.

2. Application Stage
Upon receipt and consent of the ICDL management team, an application form will be emailed to the prospective center to be completed and returned for review by our Accreditation Committee.

3. Assessment 
Upon approval by the Committee, the accreditation process commences with a scrutiny of the application form, followed by a number of visits by QA Field Officers to the prospective center, to validate meeting a list of requirements to support the delivery of the program.

4. Approval visit 
Successful completion and scrutiny of the application form entitles the center to an approval visit. Approval visits are normally conducted within eight weeks from the completed application is received.


Every prospective center must have two staff members having completed their ICDL certification and at least one staff member nominated to enroll in the ICDL Certified Training Professional (CTP) program. The objective behind the latter is to underpin the ICDL program’s best practices and core values of excellence and integrity.

Subsequent to center approval but prior to beginning the delivery of training and testing, all staff members involved with the ICDL program from the prospective center must attend a workshop to be oriented with the QA standards, procedure and process to administer the program within the center and the installation of the testing software. The entire process of accreditation is kept strictly confidential by ICDL Lebanon.

Interested in becoming an ICDL Accredited Test Centre?

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