History and Mission

Owned and coordinated by The European Computer Driving Licence Foundation Limited (ECDL-F) , a not-for-profit organization based in Dublin-Ireland, ICDL is an internationally recognized, vendor-neutral certificate which demonstrates a person’s competence in computing knowledge and skills in accordance with international standards.

ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) are synonymous, and identical standards apply to both.

ICDL Lebanon's mission is to enable proficient use of Information and Communication Technology that empowers individuals, organizations and society through the promotion and delivery of the internationally renowned for its quality - ICDL certification- programmes throughout the Lebanese territories.

History and Mission

Creating the future starts by Learning.

CEO of ICDL Lebanon


Social Responsibility: As a socially responsible organisation, the ECDL Foundation and the national operators are committed, to improving digital skills proficiency within societies. ICDL certification programmes are designed to be accessible to all citizens, irrespective of age, gender, status, ability or race.

Vendor Independence: ICDL certification programmes give candidates the flexibility and freedom to acquire digital skills and confidently apply them in any software environment they may be required to use.

Quality: We strive for continuous improvements in all that we do and ensure that ICDL programmes are implemented to consistent international standards.

Quality Standards

ECDL Foundation has produced a set of standards and quality guidelines which govern the procedures for the ICDL concept and ensure that it is operated in a consistent fashion in all member countries through adherence to these common quality standards.

ICDL Lebanon operates a comprehensive Quality Assurance System made up of its Operator Audit Programme and its Quality Management System to ensure all accredited training and testing centers are operating according to the ECDLF quality standards.



The ECDL Foundation has appointed and licenced Vision Beyond S.A.R.L under the initiative of ICDL Lebanon to implement and disseminate the program all over the Lebanese territories with the support of the leading educational institutions and accreditation bodies.

Quality Assurance: ICDL Lebanon audits and reviews the delivery systems of the ICDL certificates to preserve and protect the high standard for which the latter is globally renowned.

Programme Development: ECDL Foundation works with recognized experts to continually develop its range of certification programmes, in line with market needs and technological advancements.

Promotion: ICDL Lebanon promotes the development and improvement of digital skills and provides a marketing support function to Accredited Centers.

Governance: ICDL Lebanon works relentlessly within the Lebanese society through strategic partnerships with Ministries, NGO's & Leading Educational Institutions to fulfill its mission.