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Technology is changing the workplace at an ever faster pace. Existing jobs are evolving and new ones are appearing. One thing is certain: digital skills are vital in the workforce.

Keeping pace with the latest technology used in your workplace can be a challenge.

ICDL is the solution, letting you advance your career by expanding and updating your digital skills. Its flexibility means that you can focus on exactly the skills you need to excel in your job.

Are you really as digitally skilled as you think you are?

You might think you have the digital skills that you need, but there’s a high chance that you don’t! In Austria, a study showed that, while 84% of those asked felt that they had ‘very good’ or ‘good’ knowledge of the internet, 49% scored badly in practical tests. The tendency to over-estimate digital skills is a worldwide phenomenon that costs businesses money and may impede your career.

Find out about the ICDL modules

It can be bad for your business to make optimistic assumptions about your team’s level of digital competence. ICDL can help you to assess, develop and certify your employees’ digital skills. ICDL Workforce provides you with a flexible solution to ensure that your employees have the digital skills that they need.

Having a workforce that is equipped with the right digital skills enables organisations to work more effectively, increase productivity and competitiveness, and achieve goals more efficiently. Using ICDL Lebanon’s programmes, you can assess the existing skills of your employees and plan the training that is right for them and right for your organisation.

ICDL Lebanon offers flexible programmes that help businesses and organisations to develop their employees’ digital skills. These assessment, learning, and skills validation tools focus on the crucial areas of technology that are most relevant for individuals who need to be able to maximise their effectiveness in the workplace, supporting their organisation’s goals.

Incorporating learning materials and formal certification of digital skills in real-life scenarios, our programmes include consultancy and project management support to ensure effective implementation.

ICDL Workforce programmes are developed to the same internationally validated standards which have driven the adoption of ICDL by more than 24,000 businesses and organisations and 14 million candidates globally.

ICDL Workforce programmes are delivered through:

  • Evaluation of current skills using an online diagnostic tool
  • Development of necessary skills using approved learning materials
  • Validation of skills against an international standard

Digital Skills in the Workforce

More and more jobs demand digital skills. From office jobs to farmers, mechanics or doctors, technology is changing the workplace. But employees are too often being left behind, without the skills to take advantage of the opportunities that technology brings.

Workforces without digital skills can hold organisations back, reducing productivity, harming competitiveness and costing time and money.

There is lots of evidence that too many people lack digital skills. ICDL Lebanon’s ‘Perception and Reality’ report examines studies of digital skills in five European countries, finding that people routinely overestimate their digital skills and that skills gaps exist everywhere, even digitally ‘advanced’ countries like Denmark and Germany.

Poor digital skills can cost employers a lot. Research in Greece, the Netherlands and Italy found that time lost to solving simple computer issues could cost the economy tens of billions of Euros each year.

Certification is a reliable measure of a person’s digital skills. In a study in Switzerland, participants who held ICDL certificates performed 24% better in practical tests of their abilities than those without.

ICDL is the world’s leading computer skills certification. Recognised around the world, it is designed, validated and approved by academic and international experts. To date, more than 14 million people have engaged with the ICDL programme, in over 100 countries, through our network of over 24,000 Accredited Test Centres.

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