ICDL Education

ICDL Lebanon offers flexible programmes that help schools to develop their students’ digital skills.

These learning and certification programmes focus on the crucial areas of technology that are most relevant for students, allowing them to participate fully in digital society and the future workplace.

Incorporating learning materials and formal certification of digital skills in real-life scenarios, our programmes include teacher support tools and materials to ensure effective implementation.

ICDL Education programmes are developed to the same internationally validated standards that have driven the adoption of ICDL by more than 24,000 organisations and 14 million candidates globally.


Digital skills give students access to information, resources and tools that can expand their knowledge and learning beyond the classroom. Learning to work together is an important life-skill, and with the right digital skills, technology can help. From new ways of communicating between teachers and students, to collaborative online learning, digital skills can unlock education.

However, too many young people are missing out on the benefits of technology because they don’t have the core digital skills that they need. We have published reports on the danger of the fallacy of ‘digital natives’, and the importance of balancing digital literacy and coding in the school curriculum.

These reports highlighted that students are often assumed to have good digital skills, just through exposure to technology from an early age. In fact, we found that practical skills, like staying safe online, using tools like word processors or presentation software, and collaborating on projects, are often missing.


ICDL Education programmes are delivered through:

  • Evaluation of current skills using an online diagnostic tool
  • Development of necessary skills using approved learning materials
  • Validation of skills against an international standard

Only certification proves digital skills. Certification gives an objective and reliable verification of teachers and students’ skills and it demonstrates that they meet a recognised standard. Certification:

  • Defines the skills that students and staff need
  • Proves the skills and shows staff and students’ competencies
  • Motivates teachers and students to complete training
  • Shows the return on investment in learning
  • Measures the quality of learning and teaching

Certification is a reliable measure of a person’s digital skills. In a study in Switzerland, participants who held ICDL certificates performed 24% better in practical tests of their abilities than those without.

ICDL Education solutions include:

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